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Aside from our world-class 3D visualisations and animations, we also construct a multitude of product modelling and animation projects for clients across the nation and beyond. Our local design team are leading the way with our 3D modelling technology, producing a wide range of visual and graphics for a multitude of industry sectors.

Our team of designers produce computer generated, 3D product models, which are based on actual working machinery, which can be displayed as still imagery, or moving animation. Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce world class 3D product modelling which encapsulates every detail to produce still and animated visuals across a multitude of industries. We develop each product model from actual working blueprints to ensure each element of the visual animation is an exact replica. Our product modelling and animation skills have been utilised within the corporate sector where we have digitally designed a 3D automated robotic model for one of Australia’s largest mining companies, helping to streamline their safety procedures.

Our 3D product models combine both still and functioning digital imagery, where we digitally construct each element, taking into account a multitude of operational factors to confirm each 3D model we design will function within a real-world environment. These 3D product models and animations can also expand into 3D virtual tours to add a heightened element of verisimilitude to any digitally constructed visual project.

We welcome you to visit our contact page if you wish to obtain an obligation free quote for modelling your product.